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Ayako Fukushima
Some time after making my website I realized that it’s difficult to update the site by myself. foriio lets me update my portfolio quickly and it's easy to use. My works are easy to see too and so people can review my past works right away.
Ari Keita
Film maker
Individuals will be more important than organizations in the future of creative activities and so I believe that foriio is a platform best suited for this kind of change. I strongly recommend foriio for people that don’t have their own online portfolio yet.
Yutaka Aoki
As a stylist it can be a hassle to upload my work onto the web. I have to get the data from the photographer and have other software to work on it. But with foriio all I have to do is upload the data so it’s quite simple. I would recommend it to people who like to keep things simple.
Toshitaka Shinoda
Video director / Planner
As somebody who wants to constantly be making lots of videos, it's easy for me to forget to organize everything I've made. Being lazy by nature, my works stack up like debt. With foriio I can upload my videos smoothly so I can keep focusing on churning out more work. Since I work with others when creating videos it's also great that I can credit people who I worked with.
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