Mukai Shutoku Acoustic & Electric - 自問自答 3.13 2022
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Mukai Shutoku Acoustic & Electric - 自問自答 3.13 2022

向井秀徳アコースティック & エレクトリック - 自問自答 Mukai Shutoku Acoustic & Electric - JIMON-JITO (Self-Questioning) Live at Tokyo Yurakucho Yomiuri Hall 13th march 2022 All songs and lyrics by Mukai Shutoku Movie director: Okubo Yoshiyuki Live sound engineer: Itoga Takashi Audio mixed by Mukai Shutoku Lyrics translation: Leo Imai ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JIMON-JITO (Self-Questioning) A Shinjuku rambling-ballad I died, slept, and awoke to a morning-glow Red Fuji Escaped a nightmare play Before I knew it, on a meat-mattress I lay This pressure I’m feeling I’ve been resigned to a life of permissive degradation Feeling the limitations of bipedal walking So I get on all fours Wild-animal style KAZEKIRI KABUKIMACHI (Kabukicho that cuts like a sword) Men ready to kill at the flick of a switch Anyone, anywhere And me, moving forward with a dull and weary head The swarm of people rushing into my vision The anger that my eyeballs see But my eyeballs pretend not to see a thing Rows of buildings In all that order he goes into hiding And all of a sudden he’s missing Frozen City ruckus Parasites causing trouble and fuss The gleaming gun-grey tip of a barrel blows a hole in the back of the head A picture of misery Misshapen beyond recognition Idle bystanders flock to stare, cold and expressionless At a loss, I quickly leave the scene Back to the beginning Over and over again Urges return, that carnal feeling Life repeating, all things are fleeting Goddamn Flashback phenomenon A vague and blurry video reflection The blackest black at 5:30AM A sense that something’s wrong all over my brain A thick student’s notebook seeped in lead-etchings An illusion that my spirit’s been cleansed My innards doing flips and spinners A total mess A shade of clean concrete sheath my mind’s colour-sense Glorified memories of that jet black hair Do you really want to see this moratorium vision of hell? Flaunting what’s juvenile Nothing clever or cute about the ramblings of this man-child In a gathering of creeps A graveyard of pallid, bluish, emotionless faces The howls of restless ghosts now but a whimper I’m so tired of my own nonsensical chatter Roaming around a lonely abyss Feeling like I’ve seen DONZOKO (rock bottom) But still I keep on, out of spite if nothing else And still, and still, and still, and still I keep on looking Keep on looking, keep on looking Looking for that feeling like my brain’s been shaken, like white-noise in my head Where can I find it? Where the hell do I find it all? I’ll rip my heart out of my body and record its beating with a microphone or something I’ll practice with the band while playing to the sound of its rhythm I’ll record the images in my head onto a Blu-ray Disc and watch it back in the middle of night with some red wine That’s my self-liberation coated thick and hard with lies I’ll question if I am who I really think I am It’s like JIMON-JITO Sunday noon I slipped into a crowd The glaring sunshine mixing with the whitest white inside a diner A young father and a little girl were biting into something that looked good She was laughing The kid was laughing Oblivious to everything in this world The kid was just laughing The peacekeeping arms in Shinjuku 3rd District The odour from a one-eyed street cat Abortions 30min mistakes at 25000yen a pop Backbiting drunks getting their fix Factions secure in their cliques Casual URAGIRI (betrayals) The stupidity of isolationists like me The inflated self-consciousness and self-regard The empty consolatory words The shame we carry a lifetime The promises abandoned The nothingness To everything in this world Oblivious to everything in this world The kids just laugh That glaring light In 1945, August 6th, at 08:15 Those clouds and hues of black and red In 1945, August 9th, at 11:02 Fighter jet explosions, echoing in the skies of a faraway distant land The body temperature, holding a burnt-up baby to your breast A young soldier far from home, sent against his will to fight in a foreign country Crying out for his mother Just as he’s about to die from a rifle shot through the right eye And so lives are born again Only to die just the same Life repeating, all things are fleeting The kids just laugh Oblivious to everything in this world Missing All of a sudden he’s gone into hiding Life in the Frozen City He’s gone into hiding Life repeating, all things are fleeting Urges return, that carnal feeling…
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