What's foriio?
We aim to make portfolio easy for everyone.
Easy upload
You can upload PSD, PDF, AI and TIFF data straight to foriio. We will do the converting for you!
Credit creators
Let's not forget to credit who we worked with!
Write how you did it.
Share the story about of work behind work!
Auto file to image converter
Taking the hassle away froom making images to upload. We convert PSD, AI, PDF and TIFF to images for you.
Write how you did it.
Share the story behind your work!
Show us your favourites
You can easily re-order your work by dragging your work in any order you like
Connecting you with projects
Project matching feature lauching soon to connect you with projects!
Custom domain
Can connect or buy custom domain
PDF Download
You can download your portfolio as a PDF
How to Use
1. Post from your desktop or mobile
Make a foriio account and login. Uploading is very simple, you can upload from your desktop or from our mobile app. You can also choose to set your work to private. We also auto-convert PSD, AI, PDF and TIFF files to images so there's less hassle for you.
2. Write "HOW" you created the work.
By clicking the red "Notes" button at the right bottom corner of the works page, you can add notes about the work. It will help the viewers deeply understand about the project and your craft.
3. Let the world know!
Clicking share buttons placed at the end of your work's page, you can share via Twitter and facebook. Also we have discover page that showcases some of the latest works posted in foriio.
4. Check who's seeing your foriio
In the dashboard page, you can view how many works you posted to how many views you got.
5. You might get projects assigned to you!
We are about to release a new project matching feature.
6. Go PRO, be PRO
PRO plan will increase more control over your foriio. You will be able to download PDF, set password and connect/buy custom domain.
Many creators are now on foriio
Make your portfolio for free
Try everything foriio has to offer. No credit cards required.
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