Chu-Z / Let's Get The Party Started

Chu-Z HP Twitter Official @chu_z_official KANA @Chu_Z_pyon ‏ LUNA @chu_z_luu ‏ MIKU @Chu_Z24miku ‏ KAEDE @chu_z_denden ‏ MAYU @Chu_Z_MayuR ‏ FUTABA @chu_z_futaba ‏ MOE @chu_z_moe ‏ [Chu-Z] LUNA、KANA、KAEDE、MIKU、MAYU、FUTABA、MOEの7人組ユニットで、グッドチョイスエンタテインメントに所属し、様々な活動を展開。メンバーは日本全国からKawaiiをコンセプトに集められ、タイプの違うKawaiiが選ばれChu-Zが結成された。国内のみならず海外からも注目を集め、台湾にも2014年に招聘されている。レーベルは日本コロムビアで、2作品連続で5位と8位と、オリコンウィークリーチャートTOP10入りし、あの音楽プロデューサーのつんく氏も才能を見抜いて楽曲提供をしている。プロデューサーは伝説のダンスグループPaniCrewのYOHEYで、現在ツギクルアイドルとして大注目されている。 -------------------------------------------------------------------- It currently consists of 6 members, LUNA, KANA, KAEDE, MIKU,MAYU ,FUTABA,MOE. They belong to the Good Choice Entertainment agency and develop various activities. The group's concept is "Kawaii" means cute. The members were selected from auditions held by the all over Japan and debuted as a group, "Chu-Z", by different types of 6 Kawaii girls. They attract some attention from not only in Japan, but also the overseas countries and they are invited to "The friendship festival between Japan and Taiwan", held in Taiwan in 2014. Chu-Z has been released 3 major label singles and 1 major label Album from Nippon Columbia. And latest 2 major label singles achieved 5th and 8th place in ORICON Weekly chart which is most reliable music chart in Japan. The latest single "Tell me why~生まれてきた意味を知りたい~" is composed by TSUNKU� who is the producer of Morning Musume. The producer of Chu-Z is YOHEY from PaniCrew which is one of the most famous dance vocal group in early 2000s. Chu-Z has been got noticed as one of the next break idol in Japan.