Facebook 【MMD Model Release】 Sweet Devil 【Amano Naoki】
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【MMD Model Release】 Sweet Devil 【Amano Naoki】

「Do you love sweet devil?」 ------------------------------ SoundCloud (with MP3 download): https://soundcloud.com/uchuuzentai/amano-naoki_sweet-devil_cover/ Amano Naoki HP: https://naoki.uk/ --------------- MODEL DOWNLOAD https://bowlroll.net/file/252180 --------------- NAOKI MMD IS FINALLY REAL Since Naoki changed so much in the past few years, his old models didn't really match up at all... so I commissioned Kat to make a new model for him! He really outdid himself and made it feel so much like Naoki, I'm really happy with it. His model includes sliders for his clothes so you can even make him dance without his jacket or accessories! I hope many people can enjoy this model. I asked Hikari to make the cover too and he really did an amazing job with tuning and mixing Naoki... thank you so much again!! T_T Everything turned out great for this cover. Regarding Naoki himself, it's his 7th anniversary in June! I'm currently preparing as much as I can for him. There's a lot of stuff in the works for people to look forward to! Thank you for always supporting this catboy~ --------------- Singers: - 天野なおき (Amano Naoki) https://naoki.uk/ --------------- Original: 八王子P + q*left UST: Maru MMD + Video: Kat (https://www.youtube.com/user/AmikuGusta) Cover: Hikari_Tiger (https://www.youtube.com/user/pikaluz454/) --------------- Motion: SEGA, ripped and distributed by FlyingSpirits-P Camera: Rosy Stage: Philippe-n-12 Effects: - o_Diffusion - AutoLuminous4 - svSSAO - PostRimLighting - o_LikeHDR - WorkingFloor2 - PowerDOF - HAToon プラ Thank you so much for watching!
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