Santander NHB Project
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Santander NHB Project

This is the main banking applications for customers of the Santander Bank Overview: This was a huge project with a lot of people involved including the Front-End and UX areas we were about 50ish people working just on these matters. However my specific contributions to this project was mostly in the Transferencias (Transfers area, and the Homepage area) designing and also creating several prototypes components for these sections. The Challenge: We needed to make the transfers as easy as possible with the least amount of clicks needed to do a transfer from start to end (including 2FA screens) The Proposal & Final Product: A very simple transfer flow, big buttons and just the bare minimum fields allowed for a SEPA or Intl. transfer. The flow and final art was created using Sketch (assets weren't needed for this specific one) and the components were made with Angular 7, HTML5 and SCSS. The whole thing is adapted to be viewable on Smartphone, Tablet and Desktop. These screenshots are from the Tablet Version.
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A labyrinth of challenges
Maria J. Belmonte
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