An enlightenment Video for Ministry of Economy of Japan. -- When the super aging society arrives, what is going on with this country? Whether you are pessimistic or optimistic, or what the future will be like is yours. Domino which figures the future continues to progress gently, expressing the middle between static and dynamic, coldness and heat, with melody of Yuizumi’s piano and Kenichi Asai’s narration. -- Credit: Director: Daihei Shibata (WOW) Producer: Yasuaki Matsui (WOW) Composer, Piano : Rie Yuizumi Mix, Sound Designer : Kosuke Anamizu Sound Director, Music Editor : Tokuro Oka Naration: Kenichi Asai (Sexy Stones Records) Agency: Desntsu lab -- Narration: This country has continued running. We made several decisions and dreamed of a fertile future. 2020 and beyond. What kind of future is waiting for us? ● Our Future, 40% of Japanese will be elderly. ○ Our Future, Over 60 years old entrepreneurs are born one after another. ● Our Future, Sick people waiting due to shortage of doctors flood the town. ○ Our Future, There are AIs in each household to support medical diagnosis ● Our Future, Resource soaring and even electricity becomes high-end goods. ○ Our Future, Electricity will be "to buy" to "to create". ● Our Future, Because of the declining birthrate, many schools will be discontinued. ○ Our Future, Children from all over the world learn together through VR. ● Our Future, DNA information is also gathered and privacy is lost. ○ Our Future, Biological information analysis allows you to grasp even diseases before onset. ● Our Future, Population decline does not stop and many local villages disappear. ○ Our Future, Popularization of next generation mobility rescues isolated colonies. ● Our Future, Skilled technologies of small and medium enterprises are cut off due to lack of successors. ○ Our Future, Talent gather from all over the world to inherit JAPAN QUALITY. ● Our Future, Many young genius gave up Japan and leaked out of the country. ○ Our Future, A diverse individuality of everyone is demonstrated and supports the richness of Japan. Everything is still fictional. The future will change with how we move. What future is...
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Sound Design, Music Director