Toronto Resource Center

In an effort to further ingrain and strengthen Wysp ties to Toronto, they sought out a public institution that was in need of a brand refresh. The Toronto Public Library was selected for the potential it has as a brand across the diverse communities in the city. This re-brand was part of a creative exercise and in no way contracted with the City of Toronto. Through research we discovered that Toronto’s libraries go beyond study rooms and taking out books. There are many programs, classes, and exhibits offered, as well as a wide range of resources. The library has become a makerspace for students, entrepreneurs, artists, and every other citizen. So, in addition to a new logo, we also took it upon ourselves to rename the Toronto Public Library the “Toronto Resource Center,” to better emphasize all the public library has to offer. What follows is my contribution and proposed ideas to this exercise. - Credits Project Type: Internal Exercise Agency: Wysp Creative
Graphic Design
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